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Volunteers are the Strength of our Mission

Volunteers are the Strength of our Mission

Ms. Northington stands in front of her freshly repaired fence along with the two volunteers who completed the task. When her fence was damaged from heavy winds, she knew to call our Case Managers for help. One of our many volunteer services is providing minor home repairs to eligible senior clients. Repairs may include installing or checking smoke detectors, painting interior or exterior of houses, cleaning up overgrowth or garbage from yards or allies, porch and step repair, and other basic, minor repairs that volunteers can perform. Ms. Northington is so grateful to have her privacy and peace of mind once again.
If you're interested in helping our seniors, here are some upcoming Volunteer Opportunities:
  • Medical Transportation: We're always looking for more caring volunteers to drive qualified elderly clients to their medical appointments. If you have a few hours during the week, whether a few times a year or on a regular basis, we can use your help! This is such a simple task yet it makes such a difference for our seniors.
  • Sweetest Day Remembrance Donations: October 17. We are looking for donations (including sugar-free) to deliver to our clients. This can include baked goods, hot chocolate, tea, or other small items. Items need to be to our office by Tuesday, October 17.
  • Sweetest Day Remembrance Deliveries: October 19-20. Once we have our donations, we will need volunteers to help deliver them. Routes typically consist of around 5 seniors and are within our service area.
  • Thanksgiving Remembrances Deliveries: November 16-17. We will have fruit bags to deliver to our seniors.
  • Thanksgiving Meals on Wheels: November 23. Deliver hot meals and a smile to home-bound seniors on Thanksgiving. Arrive at our office between 9-9:30, enjoy a breakfast buffet, then deliver about 10 meals.
  • Snow Shoveling: Winter is quickly approaching and we will have a handful of seniors who need help shoveling their sidewalk. If you are able to commit to helping within a timely manner of snowfall, our seniors would appreciate the help. Walking even without snow and ice can be difficult for them, so this is a much-needed service.
For more information and to sign up as a volunteer, contact Mary at 313-361-6377 or email.

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