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”Our dedicated volunteers are the heart of our neighborhoods, communities and organization. For those looking for an opportunity to make a difference, Bridging Communities is the place to be, to both give and get back. Here are several ways you can Make the Difference…”

  1. Medical Transportation
  2. Small Home Repair
  3. Food Deliveries: Monthly- Focus Hope, Holidays- Meals on Wheels
  4. Lawn Care
  5. Snow Removal
  6. Friendly Calls
  7. Clerical Aid/Office Support
  8. Board and Committee Involvement
  9. Holiday Remembrance Deliveries
  10. Event Support

Unity In Our Community TimeBank

A TimeBank is a community of people who support each other by sharing time. When you spend an hour of your time to help an individual or a group from your TimeBank, you will earn one TimeBank hour in return. With that hour you can get an hour of help from another person, or even take a class or workshop. The Unity in Our Community (UOC) TimeBank is for anyone who lives, works, or thrives in the Southwest Detroit Area.

 Bridging Communities is the host of the Unity in Our Community TimeBank, and utilizes shared time to connect seniors with resources in their community. Bridging Communities also uses the TimeBank to engage those youth who participate in the Intergenerational Program, and utilizes the system to engage with their volunteers by giving them the opportunity to get something back for the time they give..

TimeBank's  Website (www.southwestdetroittimebank.org)