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Youth Programming

The Bridging Communities, Inc. (BCI) Youth Program works to create a well-rounded job training program that includes a chance to learn event planning, marketing, and community engagement. At Movies on the Green (MOTG) utilize leadership and teamwork as they work to design flyers, create menus and themes, as well as curate and operate their stations at the event.

Youth set their community guidelines and expectations each year to allow for autonomy and agency over their experience.

Youth are taught about BCI’s mission of serving seniors and their communities by participating in intergenerational community projects, service-learning experiences such as presentations, and much

Youth come to us as a safe space where self-care and conversations are available to them whether there is programming or not because of trust and comradery that are values along with academics. The evidence of this programs success is shown through lasting relationships that continue throughout the years. Many of our former youth continue to find value in services offered at BCI, continue to volunteer, and even come by just to socialize. Watching our youth grow into young adults, bring their children in to meet us, and take leadership roles with community driven projects is rewarding beyond words.

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