Our work will improve the quality of life for the elders of the Southwest Detroit area by meeting their needs; and the needs of the surrounding neighborhoods through creative collaboration, advocacy, and innovative programming.

Through collaborative efforts, creative programming, committed volunteers and the generosity of donors, we meet the needs of our elders and the needs of their immediate surroundings to ensure comfort, safety, and connectivity to the community. We do this with…


Elevation: We began our work in Southwest Detroit in 1980 as Ecumenical Project S.A.V.E. (Seek and Visit the Elderly.) We are a non-profit grassroots organization collaborating with local unions, businesses, faith-based organizations, and residents working together to create caring communities where people of all ages can live in dignity.

 Recognizing the direct relationship between the quality of life for elders and their community, the organization saw the need to become more actively involved in community organizing, land use, planning, and housing development.


“The Bridging Communities Eldercare Program offers professional assessments for the elderly to identify their needs, and partner with volunteers from across Michigan to meet and fulfill those needs. Our services range from case management to friendly visiting, supportive transportation, minor home repairs, and much more. Our compassion ensures a comprehensive assessment and resolve of identified needs.”


“Our intergenerational programs ignite a circle of learning that destroys age-based stereotypes by including “all ages for all stages” of our service provision. We create a connection between our youth and seniors to establish a line of communication that is mutually beneficial and strengthens our community, one connection at a time.”


“Home is where the heart is, and is the center of strong neighborhoods. In order to stabilize our communities, our Development Program transforms foreclosed properties into resident owned and occupied homes; we rehabilitate low to moderate income housing, and create affordable senior housing communities. This creates a safe and walkable neighborhood, and neighbors who feel free to enjoy it and each other.

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